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This site is the property of Judy C. Ware – the author of New Nation/New Home and also Virginia Roots in Kentucky Soil .  It specifically deals with the descendants of James Ware I and his wife, Agnes Todd Ware who settled in Gloucester County, Virginia in the 1700’s.  This particular branch of the Ware tree has found its roots in Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Texas, but generations have ultimately spread all over the map.   The work on this site is copyrighted but happily available for all family researchers and genealogists – with the simple request that proper accreditation be given when using it as a source.


Complete Lineage of the Ware Name to the Present Generation


The Ware Family Bible

NEW NATION / NEW HOME The Biography of James Ware I (Book Order Form at bottom of page)
     Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Change is in the Air
Chapter 2 - "By Favor of God"
Chapter 3 - James and Agnes ~ The Early Years
Chapter 4 - Son - John
Chapter 5 - Son - Nicholas
Chapter 6 - Son - James
     Chapter 7 - Son - Richard & Daughter - Clary
Chapter 8 - Son - William
Chapter 9 - Son - Edmund
Chapter 10 - Changing Times for James& Agnes
Chapter 11 - To Whom Much Is Given, Much Shall Be Required Luke 12:4
Chapter 12 - The Only Thing That Lasts
     Addendum - The Invisible Tie That Binds

VIRGINIA ROOTS IN KENTUCKY SOIL The History of Dr. James Ware II & His Wife, Virginia Catherine Todd Ware

Transcription of 1812 Letter from James Ware II to James Ware III

Transcription of 1819 Letter from Catherine Conn to Sally Ware (Josiah's sister)

Transcription of 1825 Letter from Thompson Ware to Sally Ware

Transcription of Lucy Webb letter to Sally Ware Stribling - circa 1828

Transcription of 1831 Letter from Charles Ware to Sally Ware Stribling

Josiah William Ware - Brief Overview

Transcription of 1831 Letter to Sally Ware (Josiah's sister) from Charles Ware

Transcription of 1833 Letter to Josiah Ware from T. S. Davison (coming soon)

A Map of Ware-Related Houses in Virginia








For Southland Loved
     The Biography of Jane Morton Smith Ware, wife of James Alexander Ware

     New Introduction - pages 3-8
     New Chapter 1:  Smith-Taylor-Somerville Bloodlines, pages 9-36
New Chapter 2:  The Value of an Education, pages 37-42
New Chapter 3: Texas, A Good Place to Start, pages 43-52
New Chapter 4:  Early years in Nueces County, pages 53-58
New Chapter 5:  Ware’s Tigers - pages 59-68
New Chapter 6:  Battle of Corpus Christi - pages 69-86
New Chapter 7:  War is Hell on the Home Front - pages 87-92
New Chapter 8:  Cavalry and Cotton - pages 93-108
New Chapter 9:  Captain King - pages 109-126
New Chapter 10:  Red River Campaign - pages 127-164
New Chapter 11:  Fort Duncan - pages 165-196
    New Chapter 12:  Where to Go From Here - pages 197-212
New Chapter 13:  Making the Best of It - pages 213-220
New Chapter 14:  Sacrifice and Service - pages 221-226
New Chapter 15: The Honorable James A. Ware - pages 227-248
New Chapter 16:  Back to Basics - pages 249-264
    New Chapter 17:  Coming into the Home Stretch - pages 265-286
    New Chapter 18:  Ringing in a New Century - pages 287-295
    New Chapter 19: Finishing Southern Strong - pages 296-328
New Chapter 20: Frances Glassell Ware, Daughter - pages 329-344
     Chapter 21:  Somerville Ware – son (coming soon)
    Chapter 22:  Eudora Murray Ware Dean (coming soon)
    Index - References - Acknowledgements (coming soon)

Civil War Letters Pertaining to Capt. James A. Ware:

Governor John Ireland
Background information
Letter of Commendation from John Ireland

     Colonel Charles Lovenskiold
Background information
          b. July 7, 1862 Letter
July 17, 1862 Report

     Captain Benjamin F. Neal
          a. Background information
          b. Letter

     General Hamilton Bee
Background information
Letter from Gen. Hamilton Bee to Headquarters on 8-26-1862
          c. Letter from Gen. Hamilton Bee to Headquarters on 9-24-1862

     Major A. M. Hobby         
          a. Background information
          b. Letter dated August 18, 1862

     Captain Richard King (coming soon)
a. Background information
          b. Letter 

     General John Magruder
Background information
Resolution of Thanks from Both Houses of the Texas Legislature

     Major Matt Nolan
          a. Background information
Letter dated March 15, 1864 from Major Nolan to Col. Rip Ford

     Honorable Gustave Schleichern (coming soon)
          a. Background information
b. Letter

     Judge T. A. Falvey (coming soon)
          a. Background information
b. Letter

Connection Between the Wares and Presidents James Madison and Zachary Taylor PLUS President James Monroe and Governors J. J. Crittenden and John Adair

The research in the following 3 sections will show how the families of Taylor , Bacon, Crittenden, Monroe, Lewis, Blackburn, and Berry all connect to the Ware line, mainly through William Ware and James Ware II – both sons of James and Agnes.

   1 Introduction and Taylor, Monroe, Lewis, Blackburn & Berry lines
2 Taylor, Berry, Blackburn, Bacon, Crittenden, Monroe, Adair and WARELAND
Laura Ware,
Bacon, Crittenden

Ware Connections to General George S. Patton

Springfield Farm

Springfield - Before and After the Fire

Josiah's Diary

Biography of Frances Toy Glassell Ware, first wife of Josiah William Ware

Biography of Edmonia Jaquelin Smith, second wife of Josiah William Ware (coming soon)

TREASURES OF WARE FAMILY HISTORY Inspired by the letters of Cornelia Ware Anker
***NEW! Index provided for the following work
Original Page 1 - The Ware Family in Virginia and Kentucky - letters and overview of the migration of the Ware family from Virginia to Kentucky  
Original Page 2 - Children of James Ware II - specifically Thompson, James III, Mary Todd, Lucy, Charles, Catherine, and George Ware
Original Pages 3 & 4 - Looking back to James I and missing page for James II - History prior to Kentucky migration, the Striblings, Orkney Springs, Morgan Springs, line of James Ware III and Riverside
Original Page 5 - Josiah Ware, Springfield, and War - Great details of Josiah Ware & Springfield - Edmonia Ware, Smithfield, & her Smith family line - Josiah’s military records and time as a war prisoner, history of time spent in Old Capital Prison – Agricultural & political achievements of Josiah – connections with Presidents – burning of Springfield
Original Page 6 - Edmonia Ware - James Alexander Ware - wife, Jane Morton Smith Ware and their children: Somerville Ware, Fanny Glassell Ware Elliott, and Eudora Ware Dean
Original Page 7 - Elizabeth Alexander, Lucy Balmain, and Charles Alexander Ware - Elizabeth Alexander Ware & King Ranch in Texas, Lucy Balmain Ware & marriage into George Washington family, and Charles Alexander Ware – with the start of Lucy Ware Lewis McCormick
Original Page 8 - Lucy Ware McCormick, Charles Treadwell Ayres McCormick and Ayres family link, Jaque Ware, family homes of Cool Spring, Smithfield, etc, and life events of the times - wonderful descriptions of family gatherings, George Washington sugar bowl, other children of E.P.C. Lewis (i.e. Edwin A., Esther M. Chapin, Julia S. Cumming, and Elinor P.C.L. Dworzak.
Orininal Page 9 - Recollections of life events at Durham Farm and Sigismund Ware & Family – Sale of Springfield
Original Page 10 - Civil War Memories from Springfield - Experiences the family had during the Civil War – hiding things from the enemy - a close call Sigismund and Jo had with the Yankees - Edmonia’s bravery – the firing of Springfield – kindness of General Merritt
Original Page 11 - More Civil War memories and Josiah William Ware, Jr. and family - Uncle Jaque’s encounter with swamp dragons, details about Josiah’s sons, Sigismund and Josiah Jr.
Original Page 12 - Children of Josiah William Ware Jr. and start of Robert Macky Ware, the youngest son of Josiah - specifically gives details on John Nottingham, Jaquelin, Josiah William III, Kennard, and Dorothy Waree  
Original Page 13 - The children of Robert and Caroline Ware - Details about Ellen Edmonia Ware and her large, blended family of Caroline, Elizabeth, Joseph Sterling, Jr., Lester Orestes, Jaquelin, Archibald, Keturah, Babbie, Barbara, Ruth, Herbert Everett, and Benjamin Franklin Reagan - - Henry or Hal Ware and the military career of his son, Captain Robert Macky Ware, talented daughter, Margaret Ware Ivers, and youngest son, Henry Waughop Ware, Jr., whose wife came from a family of famous artists (Kearney Egerton & Lillian Egerton) - - and Alice Wilson Ware whose second husband was Arthur Henry Ebbets whose family was connected to Ebbets Field...
Josiah Ware's Connection with Top Political & Military Figures of His Time
     President John Tyler
a. Background information
Letter from the White House, December 21, 1842
          c. Letter from the White House, December 28, 1844
          d. Introductory letter from President Tyler, December 7, 1844
          e. President Tyler visits Springfield
     President Zachary Taylor          
Background information
          b. Letter from President Taylor dated 1850 

     Senator & Secretary of State Henry Clay
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from Henry Clay dated 1836

     Senator & Secretary of State Daniel Webster
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from Daniel Webster to Josiah Ware dated 1840

c. Letter from Daniel Webster to Josiah Ware dated 1848

     Governor, Senator & Attorney General John J. Crittendon
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from J. J. Crittenden to Josiah Ware July 8, 1838

     Senator & Secretary of State, John C. Calhoun
          a. Background Information
          b. Letter from Senator John Calhoun to Josiah Ware in 1836

     Confederate General Robert E. Lee
          a. Connection Between the Lee & Ware Families
          b. Letter from Robert E. Lee to Josiah Ware dated 1861

c. Letter from Robert E. Lee to Josiah Ware dated 1862

     Senator William C. Rives
          a. Background Information
          b. Letter from Senator W.C. Rives to Josiah Ware, Nov 1838

     Senator Benjamin Watkins Leigh
          a. Background Information
          b. Letter from B.W. Leigh, Oct 9, 1836
          c. Letter from B.W. Leigh, April 1, 1839

     Senator William R. King
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from Senator William R King, April 1, 1842
          c. Companion Letter (i.e. April 1, 1842) from Mrs. Byron
          d. Letter from Senator William R. King, 1838

     Secretary of the Navy William C. Preston
          a. Background Information
          b. Letter from Senator Preston to Josiah, dated 1839

     Governor of Virginia & Senator James Pleasants Jr.
          a. Background information
          b. 1824 Commissioning paper for Josiah Ware

     Congressman John Bell
          a. Background information
1824 Commissioning Oath

     Governor of Virginia Henry Wise
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from Henry Wise Feb. 18, 1860
c. Commissioning Papers for Josiah for the Rank of Colonel (plus affidavit for oaths taken before Chief Justice Francis McCormick)  

     Union Cavalry Col. A.T. McReynolds & Lt. James H. Stevenson
          a. Safeguard letter, May 30, 1863, w/quotes from Stevenson's book about Josiah
          b. Safeguard pass, May 31, 1863
          c. Safeguard pass, April 6, 1863
          d. Long letter, April 6, 1863 that accompanied the above safeguard


     Union Maj. General Nathaniel Banks
          a. Background information on Gen. N.P. Banks
          b. Letter from Major General Nathaniel Banks June 25, 1862
          c. Claims letter to Justice of the Peace Henry Edwards

     Captain Samuel M. Zulick
          a. Compensation letter (not dated)

     Notarized Letter from Josiah Ware 1865 Concerning Compensation

     Confederate General John D. Imboden
          a. Background information on General Imboden
          b. Letter (1859) from John D. Imboden

     Confederate General William H. Richardson
     Union Captain J.C. Battersby
     Confederate Captain E.G. Alburtis
     Union Lt. Col. Thomas C. McDowell
     Notary Public C.J. Brown, 1874

     Democratic Politician Henry Ware
          a. Background information on Henry Ware
          b. Letter from Henry Ware to Mrs. Hayes

      Democrat George N. Miller
          a. Background Information on George N. Miller
          b. Letter from Miller to Josiah Ware in 1880

     Plantation Owner James T. E. Fripp
Reverend Henderson Suter
Union Officer Lt. Jesse Wyckoff     

Correspondence Between President & Mrs. Hayes and the Ware Family (Lucy Ware Webb Hayes) - Cousin of Josiah Ware (coming soon)

Josiah Ware's Military Records and Service (coming soon)

Virginia Battlefield Information

Letter from Edmonia Ware to her stepdaughter

Josiah's 1863 Letter to His Son

Josiah's 2nd Civil War Letter to His Son

Josiah Arrest and Imprisonment During the Civil War (coming soon)

Biography of Judge (Captain) James Alexander Ware, oldest son of Josiah William Ware and Frances Toy Glassell Ware (coming soon)

Letter from James A. Ware to his Grandsons 1894

Capt. James A. Ware’s Connection with Top Political & Military Figures of His Time



Biography of Dr. Charles Alexander Ware, youngest son of Josiah William Ware and Frances Toy Glassell Ware

Biography of Elizabeth Alexander Ware, oldest daughter of Josiah and Frances Ware (coming soon)

Biography of Lucy Balmain Ware Lewis, youngest Daughter of Josiah William Ware and Frances Toy Glassell Ware (coming soon)

The Ware Connection to George & Martha Washington (coming down from James Alexander Ware and Lucy Balmain Ware)
Washington Sugar Bowl Donated to Mount Vernon Sugar Bowl is Home at Last

Biography of Lucy Ware Lewis McCormick (coming soon)

Last Will & Testament of Lucy Ware McCormick Josiah Ware's Writings Concerning Washington
     a. Letter to Pres. Hayes 8/14/1879 (Continental money, boots, Fairfax screens, Washington letter, autographs)
     b. Letter to Pres. Hayes 11/20/1879 (Continental money, boots,  screen)
     c. Letter to Lucy Hayes 2/8/1880 (Continental money)
     d. Letter to Lucy Hayes 1/12/1882 (Martha Washington's dress)
Note Concerning George Washington's Death

Biography of Jaquelin Smith Ware, oldest son of Josiah and Edmonia Ware (coming soon)

Biography of Rev. Josiah William Ware II, son of Josiah and Edmonia Ware (coming soon)

Biography of Sigismund Stribling Ware, son of Josiah and Edmonia Ware

Biography of Robert Macky Ware, youngest child of Josiah and Edmonia Ware (coming soon)

Basic Lineage:
     James Ware I
James Ware II and Virginia Catherine Todd Ware
     James Ware III
     Josiah William Ware
James Alexander Ware (coming soon)
Jane Morton Smith Ware (coming soon)
Somerville Ware (coming soon)
     Ora Lena Rogers Ware (coming soon)

Jim and Judy Ware

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