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Letter written to Colonel Charles G. T. Lovenskiold from Captain James A. Ware

July 7, 1862

James Alexander Ware was now 30 years old.  He and Charles Lovenskiold had worked as lawyers in Corpus Christi before the onset of the war.


July 7, 1862

Col. Lovenskiold

    Dear Sir:

Capt. Harrison is thinking of our plans.  I have had but little opportunity of talking with him on the subject.  We had a little engagement with the enemy, an account of which I have sent Lt. Ellis.  It seems to have stirred them up.  I am very sorry you are not here.  Upon an examination of the ground I think it would be a good idea to propose rifle pits on Hog Island.  It will, at any rate, give the men employment.  See my letter to Lt. Ellis and send us the launch the Iowa.  Some butter, a bottle of whiskey and some white sugar.  Neal sent off yesterday and got the baggage.  I have not been able to go today to his camp, not thinking it well to leave until the enemy’s plans were known as there is a stir among them - reinforcements coming in to the schooner.  Send me all the news by the mail and, if well enough, come down yourself.  We will hear from M??? tonight unless the Reindeer interferes with his plans.  It does look as if the enemy had intelligence of our movements.

Yours truly,

James A. Ware  


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Letter found in the Rebel Archives  

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