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Letter written by Major A. M. Hobby to Headquarters on August 18, 1862

Bold lettering done by Judy C. Ware for purposes of family research


Corpus Christi, Texas, August 18, 1862

Sir:  On the morning of the 18th the enemy again opened on our battery, bring his whole force to bear on it.  Failing to silence our guns, a portion of his fleet withdrew and landed a 12-pounder rifled gun, supported by 30 or 40 well-armed men, who approached our battery by the beach, close under cover of their gunboats, firing continuously.  They attempted to invade our battery, their balls passing just above our entrenchments.  I immediately ordered 25 men to charge the gun, which they did in gallant style.  When, from under cover of the breastworks, they entered an open plain and rapidly neared the gun, the gunboats of the enemy opened a heavy fire upon them.  Undaunted, they pressed onward and when within range of small-arms, I ordered them to fire, which they did  - still advancing. . . the enemy, in the meantime, retreating in double quick;  carrying with them their gun.  They left in the retreat their ammunition box, hatchet, rat-tail files, (intended, I presume, to spike our guns); a hat and rifle cartridges were scattered along the road.  We chased them to their gunboats, to which they retreated without delay. Whenever a ball from the battery would strike the boats of the enemy, they would rise and cheer - regardless of the fire to which they were exposed.  The enemy withdrew, and taking position in front of the city, avenged themselves upon a few unoffending houses.  A few shots from our guns drove them off, and on the following morning, stood away for Aransas Pass.

Our loss in the engagement was one killed – Private Henry Mote, in Capt. R. E. Jones’ company.  He was shot through the head among the foremost in the charge.  Captain Ware’s fine cavalry was present and eager for the fray.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

A.M. Hobby, Major, Commanding

Original Letter from Civil war Records

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